I’m Bridget Thompson and I Am Not Going to Grad School

Do you ever feel the pressures of society bearing down on you so hard that it literally haunts you? Yeah. I feel that way about a lot of things but recently one thing has stuck out. I am graduating college in a little over a year and I will not be attending graduate school.

I come from a small town that some would consider elite if you were to look at ratings from my public high school or the average annual income of my town. You are expected to attend 12 years (more if you count preschool) of school and then attend 4 years of college. After that, and especially these days, you’re expected to attend graduate school to get at least a graduate degree. I, however, am not following this plan.

Why? Well for one, you can only learn so much in my field since it is so new and changing every day. I want a career that involves social media. I want to run their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and be responsible for increasing awareness about a certain brand. Now at this point people usually roll their eyes and mumble something like “that’s not a real job” or “so you want to get paid for tweeting and making Facebook events?”. Well, in a sense yes. But it’s more than that. You are solely responsible for a companies reputation. In this day in age, people rely so heavily on social media that it is imperative to be up to date on all things political, trendy and not trendy. One offensive tweet could cause financial and brand image damage to a companies that could have everlasting consequences.

And now people start thinking like “Wow. So you can just sit at home in your PJs all day and tweet between episodes of Gilmore Girls”. Not quite. Take a look at this infographic I found from the Business Insider socialcast

Yeah so it’s not a “stay at home job” by any means. If you think about it, you experience the world of social media every day, you log on to Facebook and suddenly everyone is sharing a video of a dog balancing things on his nose. Or you log onto Twitter and see a new meme of a guy blinking like he’s just been told he has a child he never knew about. The social media world is ever-changing and as a social media manager you are required to be up to date on everything at all times and know when things become unpopular. You must know how to best attract your audience whether it be a funny meme or a celebrity endorsement. Which means making connections and networking with people from all aspects to get them to promote your brand in some shape or form.

Anyways there are a lot of aspects. But back to my main point. If I can get a job without having to go to graduate school…why not? You know the old saying “if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life”. Well I’m holding true to that. And I’m not bashing graduate school by any means. I’m just saying different career paths require different educational aspects and mine does not. In fact I admire those who go onto graduate school because it’s a huge commitment with incredible opportunities and to want to keep learning more? KUDOS!


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