Why Do We Feel So Wanderlust?

Let’s face it. Every person at some point in their life has felt that sense of wanderlust. That desire to travel the world and leave all our worries behind. The yearning to immerse ourselves into different cultures to better understand where our fellow brothers and sisters come from. But why do we all feel this way?

From a historical perspective humans were built to move with their food source. With changing seasons brought changing food and obviously some seasons are better than others for flora and fauna so we were made to travel. Granted the travel conditions weren’t the best. I mean, you’re literally walking miles upon miles just so you can eat and if you’re anything like me, when you’re hungry, you don’t want to move. But my point is, is that we were made to travel.

Humans are naturally curious. We hear a sound and we turn around. An ambulance wails by and we are instantly wondering where it is going and what happened. We want to know what else is out there. If we had the time and the money I’m certain we would all drop what we’re doing and satiate that curiosity.

We want to feel the fresh air against our skin that we’ve become so used to in our own world. If you’ve ever traveled you know that every place has a certain smell and a certain feel to it that is different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. We want to stand on top of a mountain in Switzerland and breathe in the mountainous air or go to an Indian market and inhale the smell of spices that are essential to every traditional Indian dish.

In the end its adventure we seek. We want to see the world for ourselves and understand how everything is connected. We want to sink our teeth with food from around the globe that is so normal to a certain place but is foreign to us.

If you’re like me, you’re broke and unfortunately cannot travel around but one day it may be possible. So never loose hope!


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