Bad Things Happen to Semi-Good People

Do you ever have those days where little bad things keep happening? That was me today. I woke up to find out one of my favorite bands is the spring concert at UNH and I’ll still be in London. Then while carrying my lunch back to my room I spilled hot tea all over my hand. Then while eating my lunch, I spilled my entire bag of chips all over the floor. Class wasn’t bad except for realizing I have a paper due on Friday that I completely forgot about. After running some errands I came back, packed my backpack, grabbed some spaghetti to go and went to the library for some solid homework time. I plug in my laptop charger since my laptop was at a measly 16% and it wouldn’t work. So I thought it was the outlet but there were 8 outlets in my area and none of them worked. That’s when I start panicking. I pack up everything I had just gotten out, grabbed my spaghetti and start walking back to my room. At one point I spilled some sauce on my pants so that was great. THEN I plug my charger in and IT DOESN’T WORK. So I call my dad and immediately burst into tears because it’s just been a horrid day and he so graciously calmed me down and told me to go to the Apple store and buy a new one. So I did and a very nice gentleman helped me. So after that I was feelin good. I had my Ed Sheeran playing, the Tube wasn’t too crowded for a rush hour. Got back, the charger works. I’m on top of the world. THEN I tell my roommate I might go to a concert alone and long story short WE’RE GOING TO SEE GALANTIS!! Ok well after that I realized I accidentally bought two bus tickets to the airport on Sunday because I forgot I had bought this first ones this morning.

So it was a rough day. But you know? Classic Bridget, always looking for the hidden meanings in things. I’m not very religious so this is a stretch but I believe that God (or whoever is up there) creates these horrible days not to torture us, but to remind us that we ourselves are not perfect. I think I speak on behalf of most people that we all believe we’re the shit and we deserve the best all the time but do we? There are people not too far from here who are constantly living in fear of explosion or terrorist attack who never catch a break. These bad days we experience are to keep us humble. I think I was getting a little to cocky with how good I was feeling and someone was reminding me to take it down a few notches.

Belief or no belief, there’s a higher power controlling us in such a way that we are reminded of the world outside of ourselves. Especially in a world where we are stuck in our technology bubbles, it’s always good to look from the outside and remember who we are.


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