Go See A Concert

So I went to see Galantis the other day and it reminded me how much I love concerts. The energy and the passion and the unifying feeling you get is just indescribable. I have been going to concerts since I was young. And by concerts I mean musical events by famous people where everyone (everyone is over 40) just sits. So I had never experienced a real concert. My first concert that I actually chose to go to was Matt & Kim at the House of Blues in Boston. Even though I wasn’t on the floor tearin it up, it was the first time I felt the excitement from a real concert. Everyone is all there for the same reason because they love a specific artist and that energy fills the room to an incredible capacity.

I’ve gone to concerts that have evoked emotions in me that I have never felt before because the power of live music is that great. I can remember going to see the Avett Brothers for the first time back in high school and at one point the two brothers did an acoustic set where they sat on stools with a singular spotlight engulfing them in a bright white light. The people I was with, including myself, just sat in absolute silence as we pondered our lives and our futures while they sang songs about strong emotions felt from romance or anything else. It was that moment that I truly understood the emotional influence a song could have on an individual.

Since then I’ve attended other concerts with the similar emotional experience. The emotions vary from concert to concert since some are like the Avett Brothers, very folky and personal. Others are like Galantis, which is like a mini rave and gets all that dopamine flowing!

So basically my point is, concerts are great for so many reasons. You get to see someone (or a group) who you’ve admired and let into your life in person and that’s an incredible feeling. You can see their personality come to life as they do what they love to do which you just can’t not smile at. All of your worries are left at the door as you come to realize why you love this music so much. The sense of belonging and unity is so strong it makes you want to clap your hands and bop along to the music.

I hope everyone at one point has a chance to experience the concert of their favorite group. It’s truly an incredible feeling that cannot be put into a blog post.


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