Chivalry is Dead

These days memes are something we cannot avoid. I’ve seen some pretty offensive ones but also some hilarious ones that will make you laugh out loud. Recently however, I’ve seen a trend of memes that really make me question where our world is going today. There’s been a bunch of memes that are like “when u ugly af and he calls you beautiful” and like ok it’s supposed to be a joke but really?

Currently we live in a world where chivalry is almost extinct. It’s a hook up culture which for some is great but for those who have fragile emotions (me) it’s not great. We’ve all been heartbroken over some guy or girl and it flat out sucks. There’s no other way to describe it. That being said, chivalry is found few and far between so when it does happen it’s so nice!

But my point is, the fact that people find memes like that funny is sad. No one’s boyfriend/girlfriend should be calling them ugly or yelling at them for the sake of yelling at them. If they are doing those things on a regular basis, why are you dating them? You do not deserve that.

Again, it’s a simple joke but it still irks me because I’ve seen some really crappy relationships in my time and relationship culture has gone down the toilet these past few years. I, for one, enjoy chivalry so just take me back to the 1920s!


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